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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sand Ceremony

When planning her wedding to Garrett and choosing the wording for the ceremony, Kelsey was clear she wanted something that emphasized their choices to be together, create a life, and be a family unit. The sand ceremony was chosen because, when sifting through sand, it is impossible to separate the grains and the sand is always One.

“I’m choosing the sand ceremony,” Kelsey once told her mom, “because when Garrett and I fight in the future and one of us says we’re going to leave, we will have to sit down with the sand to separate out what is his and what is mine. That will take forever and, in the process, we will find a way to make up and forgive one another.”

Family and loved ones who attended the viewing prior to the funeral on Thursday, January 24, 2013, followed through with Kelsey’s wish to symbolically unite their souls forever. Each attendee selected a scoop from the colored sands and sparkling, silver glitter then poured some into the two glass containers. This process created a symbolic representation of each of them individually.

The family of Kelsey and Garrett stood witness to their union, as Reverend Annie Benjamin shared the meaning behind the sand in the individual containers, “These grains of sand are a representation of how Kel and Garrett touched your lives and you touched theirs. We are all forever one family, united in their love.”

The room, filled to the brim with loved ones, was quiet, aside from the gentle crying as the two fathers, Dan and Ron topped off the canisters with artistically and thoughtfully poured layers of the remaining sands. Then the two mothers, Jennifer and Tonya, joined the sands of the two vessels into One, as a representation of Kel’s and Garrett’s Love that is never to be divided in life or death.

When the One vessel was filled beautifully, the grandparents of Sage retrieved heaping scoops of sand from its depths, mostly grabbing the glittering essence of sparkles on the top, and placed it in a smaller vessel. This represented Sage and his part in the family unit Kel and Garrett consciously chose to make together.

This ceremony was a ritual of binding Kel, Garrett ,and Sage together One. They will never be divided in life or in death.


  1. So beautiful and how perfect...

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