Kel & Garrett - A Love Story

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

In Gratitude

It is with deep appreciation that we say, "Thank you," to every one of you who contributed to the Kel & Garrett funeral fund. The entire cost of the funeral was paid in full through funds received by donation. We are touched beyond words by this display of global love and support.

Thank you.


  1. I have never seen such an endless amount of love and support from people, it amazes me how much love has been shown to kel and garrett and to all of us. I know it has truley touched my soul and filled my heart. I know Garrett and Kel are smiling seeing how many people that they have touched. I can see Kel on their journey now. She's got the first aid back pack for animals, while Garrett holds Sages diaperbag ;) and all the dogs are folliwing behind... The kids truely are unique in every way, it seems that everwhere I go someone either knows them or is truely touched by thier story. I love and miss u all.
    Thank you everyone for everything you have done, you are all amazing
    Love Tonya Monard

  2. Garrett, Kelsey, and Sage.

    Thank you. Thank you for always showing me love and compassion. Thank you for always being there.. Even in death you're there.

    Everyone has been saying "what would Garrett do?"
    And it's completely true! What would Garrett and Kel do?!
    How would Garrett and Kel handle this?!
    And it's amazing to me, that they made such an impact in this life, that we've asked ourselves what you would do!


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