Kel & Garrett - A Love Story

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Wish Lanterns in Memory of Kel and Garrett

Sunday, January 19, 2014 was a clear day, aside from the smog, but brutally cold on the wilds of Antelope Island in Utah. That evening, just before sunset, a large group of people made a pilgramage across the water to join beachside and release Wish Lanterns into the night sky. Every person there had been personally touched by Kel and Garrett while they were alive and had chosen to be there to honor their memory and celebrate their lives.

Amongst laughter, tears, and many cameras, new memories were made and captured on film and video so that, if you were not able to be there in person, you are able to be witness to it now.


  1. Just beautiful! No other words right now. <3

  2. Oh Angie,

    It turned out just perfect. Thank you so much for all the hard work you do to keep Kel, Garrett, Sage and our Granddogs alive. It's so funny because I am home this week sick and this morning I woke up and realized I was dreaming of The kids and I woke up because Kel I had just gotten a message on my phone and it was pictures, I was with Kel, Garrett and my kids at home having a BBQ. So when i got the message Kel said it our life size photo's lets go look at them. So i got up and came and turned on the computer and i seen this. It is just perfect. I have cried from the beginning to the end and my heart is full of love. So many love the kids, it is just amazing. I am so Thankful to Leah for planning this day and to everyone who came and showed their love and support, and to those who couldn't make it i felt them there with us; What a perfect evening. I know the kids was there and I know today they wanted me to see this video right away. Thank you Kel for waking me up.

    They say when you ask for the kids to visit you in your dreams to ask them to wake you up because that is when you remember the dream. Well i wasn't sure this works because i have asked almost every night when i go to sleep, Well i know believe it will happen you just have to be patient. Kel showed me this today.

    Love you kids forever and Always I hope you was watching the video with me :)

    Thank you again everyone for making this possable.

    And Jennifer.... We have some amazing kids that we share :)

    Love always Tonya


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